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Web Development

Here at TotalTEK we offer an array of web development solutions and hosting services. If you’re looking for a basic website and a basic hosting plan or even higher standard e-commerce website we can do it for you. Our team is dedicated in providing the highest standard of web solutions for your business and we can configure the perfect hosting solution for your requirement

E-Commerce (shopping cart, payment gateway)

If you’re a business operating offline, Cash is King. But if your business operators online, it is Credit and debit cards. TotalTEK provides the most convenient and preferred form of payment method on your website (credit and debit cards), and the systems will be integrated to your site with a merchant account. And we assure that successful implementation and ranking high on the web search engines would give you a guaranteed increase in sales volume.

At TotalTEK, we offer a full suite of integrated, interactive e-commerce services geared at effectively boosting your business. Our mission is to design the best customized ecommerce web sites which can reinforce each other to unleash the full potential of your online business, helping you drive sales, cut cost, and improve your bottom line on the Internet and across multiple channels.

CMS development (bespoke development, joomla, drupal, word press)

 Having a content management system is ideal and a easy way to mange the content of your website and it is one of those sources through which even a newbie can update, edit and change the display once it is shown. CMSs are known for the easy usability and how it benefits the owners of the websites do their own changes once the site is developed. By having user friendly CMS you can keep the content fresh and upgrade making it more appealing and informative to your users. TotalTEK provides websites more search engine friendly and thus you can get higher ranks by managing your back on systems successfully.

TotalTEK uses bespoke, Joomla, Drupal and blogging software such as wrodpress back end systems for your CMS developments.

Benefits of having a user friendly CMS

  • Access from anywhere
  • Can update content whenever you want
  • HTML knowledge is not required
  • Saves your times and money
  • Helps your create search engine friendly pages and change content accordingly
  • Use cascading style sheets to control site appearance
  • A CMS site is database driven

Web based application development

Today technology alters the way business and individuals communicate and carry on business. And it is crucial to use these changes to your adva
Web based application development includes database integration, intra- and extranet applications deployment. And for both young and grown-up companies the ability to use a content management system, interactive web site or an intranet can be equally important. Thus, web based application development provides essential support for all types of business. ntage. TotalTEK has understood the concept and the market requirements and this have given us the knowledge in Web based application development and it is not just the way to save money and time. It is also about organizing more effective collaboration process with your colleagues, clients or partners, that makes web based application development successful.

Web marketing (seo, payper click, email news letter, social media)        

 Web Marketing is one of the most important areas to think about once you have fully functioning website. This is done by Search engine optimization which helps the website to confirm to it targets. TotalTEK has vast experience in identifying the best key words and it will be thoroughly explained to the client before using it on the Meta tags of your web sites. Search engine optimization service is the magic wand and Google is the main stage on today’s economic revolution. TotalTEK consider about the professional search engine optimization service and it embraces both internal and external aspects of website functioning.
Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising technique which is used to attract direct traffic to your websites. The advertisers pay the hosting service when the ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. TotalTEK can show you how to successfully use the PPC advertising model to place your website on search engines to attract the target customers.

The recent marketing academics say that it’s very essential to use the best ways to interact with your clients and the target audience. So having a regular newsletter and even using the most common social media platforms could connect you with your clients, generate leads, and sales to increase in the long run. In fact, if you really want to make sales, attract the best clients, and rake in the profits, you simply *must* send a weekly email newsletter! But, if you’re like most small business owners and marketing directors, you don’t have the time for this project. And, while you *could* learn to do it all right, you have better things to do! And we can do it for you at affordable price.